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In the Address Book, you can create logically related groups to organize individual contacts. For example, you might want to organize all the members of your English study group into an email group of the same name. Groups allow you to quickly route messages to all individuals interested in the same information.

Follow these steps to create a new group:

Step 1
Click the Address Book tab to open the Address Book.

Step 2
Click the New Group button located on the Address Book tool bar.

New group icon

Step 3
Enter a name for your new group in the Group Name field.

Step 4
Click the Add link.

Step 5
Click the checkbox next to the contacts that you want to add to the group from the list of All Contacts.

Note: You can select multiple contacts.

Step 6
Click OK.

Step 7
Click Save to save the group when the contents of the group meet your needs.

Note: You are returned to the Address Book.