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You can create additional folders to store and organize e-mail messages.

Follow these steps to create a new folder:

Step 1
Click the Manage Folders link located at the bottom of the list of folders.

Folders view - Manage Folders

Step 2

Click the radio button next to the folder in which you would like to place the new folder.

Note: If you select the Personal Folders radio button, the new folder will be created at the same level as the Inbox. If you want to make a subfolder in an existing folder, click the radio button next to the destination folder. You cannot create a subfolder in the Inbox.

Step 3
Click New.

New folder icon

Step 4

Type a name for your new folder in the Create new folder in Personal Folders named: field.

Step 5

Click OK.

Note: The new folder is created at the same level as the Inbox or, if you elected to create a subfolder, it is located within the destination folder you selected.

New folders

Step 6
Click the Inbox link or any other folder name link when you are finished creating, deleting, or editing folders.

Note: This returns you to the message view.