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You can create an Address Book to maintain contact information. The Address Book displays a list of all contacts you have added (including a name, primary e-mail address, display name, and home phone for each); it is not pre-populated with facutly/staff/student contact information.

Address book

Follow these steps to access and navigate your address book:

Step 1
Open the E-mail application and click on the Address Book tab.

Step 2
Click All to view a list of all contacts in the selected address book.

Step 3
Click on any letters from A to Z to display all contacts alphabetically.

Note: To create and send a message to a specific contact, click on the primary e-mail address attribute (displayed as a link), and the Compose Message window opens. To edit information for a specific contact, click on the display name attribute (also displayed as a link).

Step 4
Click Groups to filter the displayed list of contacts by logically related groups that you created. Click Edit to edit the group.

Step 5
To delete contacts, select any number of contacts (using the checkboxes by their names) and click the Delete icon to remove them from your address book.

Step 6
Add and edit contacts and groups of contacts in your own address book using the following buttons:

New Contact - add contacts to your address book.
New Group - create groups to organize contacts.
Printable - print a list of contacts in the selected group.
Import/Export - import and export data to and from your address book into other mail applications, such as:

Note: Contacts with a display name matching the display name of a contact already existing in your address book are considered duplicates and will be discarded.