"You are Made of the Dust of Exploded Stars!"

Learning Community Astrobiology AS101 (Introduction to Astronomy) and BI01 (General Biology) or BI107 (Principles of Biology I) linked courses initiative
Crab Nubulae Supernova Explosion seen first in 1054AD and Spacecraft Image
Astrobiology at NASA exploring the living Universe.
Astrobiology Magazine
NASA Astrobiology Institute
Carniege Institute of Washington's NASA astrobiology Institute  Hydrothermal Systems: Physical, Chemical, and Biological Evolution and Cosmic Environments
Goddard Center for Astrobiology  Origin and Evolution of Organics in Planetary Systems
SETI Institute Planetary Biology, Evolution and Intelligence
Montgomery College Planetarium yearly "The Search for Extra-Terrestial Intelligence" program
Astrobiology Micro*Scope
The Astrobiology Web
Encyclopedia of Astrobiology, Astronomy, and  Space flight
George Gamov Career
George Gamov Writings 
A walk through time mainly earth biology

Course Activity: Write about and Map the life Cycle of a Proton from the big bang, to the intestellar medium, to a star, to a supernova explosion, to its incorporation into a terrestrial planet, to its use by an archaian life form, to its use by metabolism of a fungi, to its use by metabolism in you.

APOD, Astronomy Picture of the Day Archieves astronomy and biology linked images:
Asteroid in the Distance discovered by accident by HST
Aurora Iowa
Three kilometersa above Titian, a moon of Saturns.
Mars form Larry's Lookout, robot rover Spirit panaroma.
Deep Impact hurtles toward Comet  Tempel I.
First Image of Extra-Solar Planet
Stars, Dust and Nebula in NGC 6559
Hybrid Solar Eclipse
Solar System Rising Over Fire Island
Albert Einstein's Miraculous Year
April's Moon and the Pleiades
A Window to the Once Secret Sky
Which is Earth and which is Mars
Clouds, Plane, Sun, Eclipse
Inside the Elephant's Trunk
Water on Mars
A Tether in Space
A dust devil swirling on Mars
Flying Free in Space
Steep Cliffs on Mars
A Message from Earth
View from Everst
The Powerful Sumatra-Andaman Islands Earthquake
Unusual Plates on Mars
The Solar Spectrum
Frizion Illume

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