"Does the Universe have a Philosophy?"

Learning Community AstroPhilosophy, Astronomy, Cosmology, and Physics (Natural Philosophy) Influences on human Philosophy AS101 (Introduction to Astronomy) taught by Dr. Harold Williams and PL201 (Introductory to Philosophy) taught by Dr. Anthony D'Souza linked courses initiative. AS101 astrophilosophy, winter/Spring 2007, Astronomy course syllabus,  Meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1-3:45PM January 22-May 13, 2007, CRN 33978, 33979, 33980, AS101, AS101D, and AS101L respectively must be taken with PL201 CRN 34468.  This learning community is 7 credits, 3 credits of Humanities and 4 credits of a Natural Lab Science.  It satisfies two different distribution requirements. 
Exploring the Beyond
The 5Ws of the Universe, Why, Who, What, Where, and When
"Faith in Science?" a Montgomery College Interdisciplinary Community Colloquium
"Navigating Uncertainties" a Montgomery College Interdisciplinary Community Colloquium
The web pages that give an overview of philosophy, light, but very fun, the Space Time section gives a good introduction to the influences of physics and astronomy via Special and General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics on Philosophy.
History of Philosophy from the
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy a good source of information on philosophical topics maintained by the University of  Tennessee at Martin.
Philosophy News Service just as its name says.
Called "Readings in Modern Philosophy" but mostly philosophers from around 1500 to 1850 so modern is relative.
The Great Story in the Wikipedia, found this using Google with "Kingdom of Heaven" and evolution.

Image most likely from Camille Flammarion (1842-1925) famous French astronomer & popularize of astronomy and part of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field showing galaxies almost back to the edge of creation 13.7±.2 billion years ago: assembled by Dr. Harold Williams using Adobe Photoshop. Learn about your place and time in the universe.

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